Terms & Conditions


All bidders must be 18 years or older.


(1)​ All bids are in US dollars. Bids do not include shipping charges $5.00 or the multiple thereof is the bidding increment.

(2) You will lose your bid if you entered a normal bid and not a "Ceiling Bid", as defined in Clause VI (1) hereunder, if your bid is the same or at par as the bidder entered a Ceiling Bid. (For example: By the close of  the auction your last bid is $70.00 and there is a Ceiling Bid of $70.00 then the Ceiling Bid will win.)


(1) Any bid entered has to be equal or higher than the "STARTING BID".

(2) Any bid which is lower than the “STARTING BID” will not be accepted.


(1) ​Fish with the note “SNATCH IT" means you can purchase that fish for the amount as stated without entering a bid.

(2) Fish which is sold hereunder will be withdrawn from the auction.


There is no "RESERVE PRICE" for any of the lots listed.


(1) A Ceiling Bid means the maximum amount you wish to bid for that particular fish. However, your winning bid will not be the maximum amount indicated in your Ceiling Bid but will be $5.00 more than the highest bidder. (For example: If you entered a Ceiling Bid of $120.00 and by the close of the auction the highest bid is $75.00 then you will win that bid for $80.00).

(2) A Ceiling Bid will not be disclosed or seen by the other bidders in the process of bidding.

(3) If 2 or more people enter the same amount of Ceiling Bids, then whoever entered the Ceiling Bid first in time will win that bid after the close of the auction.

(4) You can change your Ceiling Bid anytime before the close of the auction. However, changing of a Ceiling Bid will mean starting afresh of the timing under Clause VI(3) above.


​Please read the descriptions of the fish carefully and select what bid you want to enter. Once a bid or bids are entered it/they cannot be withdrawn, canceled, or changed (other than the Ceiling Bid as stated in Clause VI (4) above).

WARNING...Bidders who for whatever reasons fail to honor their winning bid/bids will have the account suspended and black listed. Their name and other information will also be posted in the website. The same information will also be passed on to other goldfish dealers who we are sharing information with.


(1) In U S Dollars currency.

(2) By PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, money order, or personal checks ($25 fees for check which is not honored for any reasons).

(3) Payment to be received within 4 working days after auction closed or before shipping whichever is earlier.


(1)  We ship to an U S address (including Hawaii and Alaska), but not to a P O Box. (Please note: Hawaii resident needs to provide Import Permit from the Department of Agriculture.)

(2) We ship by FedEx or UPS next day or 2-day shipping arrival to your door. Please note that there will be a surcharge of $15 for Hawaii and Alaska bidders.

(3) For Canadian residents, we can only ship to a FedEx location on the US. side close to the border where you live and holding there for you to pick up.

(4) There are no box charges.

(5) Once the fish is shipped or received there will be no return, exchange or cancelation of the order.


(1) For shipping charges please refer to each lot on the fish descriptions for actual charges.

(2) There is also a tablet for shipping multiple fish.

(3) Shipping charges are subject to change at any time without notice.

(4) Unless special arrangement is made with us, otherwise all the fish will be shipped within 4 working days after the bids are closed.


(1) No sales tax will be added.

(2) Add 8.25%, if fish is/are to be shipped to an address in Texas, U S A.


(1) We only guarantee live on delivery. And not any other conditions.

(2) Any claim of Dead on Arrival (DOA) shall be made within 6 hours on arrival of package or on delivery by shipping courier or shipping company.

(3) Any claim of DOA shall be accompanied, as proof, a photo or a digital image of the dead fish by sending same to Tommy@goldfishnet.com on the date of the claim.

(4) Any claim of DOA shall be settled, as in full, by refunding the same amount which the bidder has paid for the bid. No refund on shipping costs or charges or insurance, if any.

(5) No claim shall be made if DOA was due to delay, for whatever reason or reasons, of the shipping couriers or the shipping company.


We will help the bidders, if they wish, to take up insurance with the shipping couriers or shipping company and to help them in filing a claim, if necessary, with the shipping couriers or shipping company.


We reserve the right to refuse a bid from anyone at any time for any reason we deem sufficient and without explanation required.

CAUTION: Entering the auction room and by submitting a bid, indicates that you accepted and are fully bound by the Terms & Conditions set forthwith.