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LOOK NO FURTHER. I have been supplying top show quality goldfish from China and Thailand for more than 25 years. I travel to these 2 countries (and sometimes also to Japan) 3-4 times a year cherry-picking every individual fish for my customers with unbeatable prices. I would spend over 2 weeks on each trip going to more than 20 different goldfish farms looking for the very best.

Over the years, my customers' fish had won numerous awards in goldfish shows across the country. In one occasion, we had won more than 12 awards in a single event. Many customers had travelled hundreds of miles to my place for goldfish.

Now you can shop, in the comfort of your home, for your favorite goldfish on my website and I will ship your fish to anywhere in this country.

Please let me know whether there is any hard-to-find goldfish that you are looking for and I will be more than happy to fulfil your wishes.


For a company to survive over 25 years you need a lot of happy customers and we are a living proof of that....

We'd just passed our 1 million clicks on this website about 2 months ago and we are heading to 1,100,000 in a month or 2...Together we are making history...and with your support I'm looking at another landmark of 2 millions by the end of the year)






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