Hello, dear reader! My name is Mario Sparatto, and I have a passion for aquaculture just like many other people. Although I became interested in aquarium fish back in 1992, it was only when I began to breed difficult fish species that I truly got into aquarium fish farming.

It must be acknowledged that the degree of expertise I attained when I began constructing aquariums, breeding aquarium fish, and growing aquarium plants for sale was useful when I had to begin creating aquaria in the 90s. As a result, it appears that not just animals can be fed; fish may also be nourished.

I am still enjoying my pastime of aquarium blogging. For me, aquarium is not a simple pastime, but also a science in which I attempt to discover new and unknown things.

I conceived and implemented the notion of preserving Ephippian daphnia moin in river sand and sending them by mail to regions where daphnia are unknown. Now that I’ve received sand with ephippia in the mail, any aquariumist can breed daphnia at home.