16, Nov 2021
Ingot Oranda Gold Fish

Ingot Oranda is a striking representative of the aquarium goldfish belonging to the Carp family. Other names are shishiga shira, orando, sisigasira. It was first mentioned in the documents of the XVI century. Homeland fish Ingot Oranda is considered China, but some scientists are inclined to believe that this species was bred in Japan in the XV century. Today it is successfully bred in both countries. In Russia, this fish was imported in the 18th century.

The large body of Ingot Oranda has an ovoid shape. The body is covered with shimmering scales. The aquatic inhabitant has a long veil-shaped tail fin. The rest of the fins are paired, except for the dorsal fin. Convexity of the eyes depends on the species.

A feature of Ingot Oranda gold fish is a fleshy growth on the head, which is called wen. He appears at the age of 3-4 months and is formed within 1-2 years. Fully developed hood becomes after 2-2.5 years. The Japanese believe that fish look prettier with larger wen.

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