• I just wanted to give you and update on the fish I got from you! The two butterfly and the oranda and are now in my big tank with my main collection and they are AWESOME! They are eating like little pigs and motorin' around as if they've always been in there. They are SO beautiful and I am really, REALLY enjoying them!

    Thank you, again, for your determination to figure out the problem and encouraging me not to give up. I was close to giving up a few times and you pushing me to see it through really made a difference. I realize you didn't have to replace any fish and didn't have to hold my hand the way you did, but the fact that you did is a testimony to your integrity and I really appreciate it!

    Dana, La Center, WA  3/22/15

    Dana Rea

  • Hey tommy !!

    Just wanted to thank you for this amazing fish ! He has so much energy and is even more beautiful in person , thanks again! I'll hopefully be buying from you again soon.

    Jacksonville, FL. 8/29/15

    Faraluz Ortega

  • Thank you again for another beautiful goldfish!! I am again speechless as the beauty on this gold Kirin Oranda is just amazing.

    Jerry, 12/30/15

    Jerry Eugenio

  • Fish is fantastic! Thank you again

    Jennifer, 12/30/15

    Jennifer McCall

  • I received my goldfish today and its absolutely so beautiful better than I expected from your auction pictures! I'm also exceptionally pleased with your packing the goldfish and it's just excited to be in its new home! Also thank you for applying your generous discount and I'm looking forward to future purchases on your beautiful goldfish!

    SOMMERVILLE, MA  10/7/15


    Jerry Eugenio

  • I absolutely adore the fish. It looks healthy in its quarantine tank. What a beautiful fish. Thank you, again.

    10/23/15 Ata
    Ata Moharrerim

  • Hi Tommy, You did it again!! Another amazing goldfish!! This one is so beautiful I'm speechless!! Just like the first one, this Veil Tail Oranda is more beautiful than your pictures and bigger than I expected. I'm very pleased, just like the first time my Water Color Ryukin arrived, again with the packaging. I will tell all my friends about your beautiful goldfish and I'm definitely looking forward for more! Thank you so much, Jerry, Somerville, MA. 10/15/15

    Jerry Eugenio

  • Everything arrived in great condition. Thank you. Must buy more tanks, because I can’t stop myself from buying great fish.

    Tom, Lakeville, MA 10/16/2015

    Tom Voystock|

  • Are my babies shipping today? I almost bought the first fish you listed yesterday. I had to tell myself just wait 5 more minutes and not look so it would be sold. Now I regret it :( I seriously LOVE your fish!

    Brooke, Texas 75650 12/17/15

    Brooke Moussa
  • I have the fish
    And they are on the way to pond
    For quarantine
    They are beautiful .

    Carol Boose

  • Hello Tommy, I just wanted to let you know I received the fish this morning. He arrived safe and healthy and is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for the great service and awesome fish! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future!

    Crystal, San Diego, CA

    Crystal Riggs

  • I got my fish! He is gorgeous! Ha-ha I fall in love mostly with boys ha-ha! I need to get more girls! Thank you! great job! :)

    Diana, Salem, AL

    Diana Sauer

  • Tommy, Thank you for the wonderful fish! I love them. I am really happy with them. Great packing, great service. I appreciate it a lot...

    Dou, Wilwaukee, WI

    Dou vang

  • Thank you Tommy for delivering my two BIG fish! The package got here safely thanks to your meticulous packaging. I hope to nurture and care for these two fish, just as well as you have. I pray I don't find another fish, that I fall in love with too soon, on your auction site. IT IS SO DANGEROUS, for my wallet. I am very HAPPY, for now. Thanks again!

    Sandra, Brookline, MA

    Sandra Law

  • Tommy, ...happy new year to you...We continue to enjoy the fish which we bought from you in August. Excellent fish and doing well. I have tried to bring up your website but have not been able to do so. When you again have fish available, please let me know. You gave us good quality at a good price. Be well.

    Harold, Orchard Park, NY. 1/1/16

    Harold Fabinsky

  • Tommy- It is not often that someone as busy as yourself takes the time to not only read my email - then list the perfect fish for me and help me order the fish after I had missed the auction because of a terribly busy week. I am a law enforcement officer (which is pretty stressful at times) and I have 4 daughters that I love dearly and I am constantly running for. My download time is with my goldfish. This is the first really nice goldfish that I have ordered online. I will enjoy the fish more than you know:) I am thankful for you. You are great at what you do.

    Jane,  Conrath, WI 1/16/16

    Jane Nitek

  • Hello Tommy, It was a real pleasure meeting you.... You have top notch Goldfish.

    Barrington, Altamonte Spring, FL (1/13/16)

    Barrington Joiles

  • i love my fish! I will buy more thank u Tommy u are a good guy.

    Lynk, Clyo GA. (1/16/16).

    Lynk Rentz

  • I received the oranda and as always I am never disappointed with your fish it's another beauty thank you for everything.

    David, Surprise, AZ 2/3/16

    David Lavimodiere

  • Tommy the fish are just simply beautiful. they seem to be doing very well and very happy. I can't thank you enough. Now I can't wait to get the red and white butterfly Ryukin please keep searching for that special fish for me. Thank you my friend. I look forward to continue purchasing and collecting quality goldfish from you. Peace

    Wynn, Stevenson Ranch, CA. 2/5/16

    Wynn Walter

  • Hello, Tommy!

    Just want to let you know that I got the Calico Ranchu you sent me. IT IS JUST GORGEOUS.... Looks far better in person than on the pictures. The packing is EXCELLENT as usual. No wonder you are the top distributor of premium quality goldfish in this part of the hemisphere. I got my first ranchu from you some years back and your professionalism is simply AAA+ through all these years. Here's looking forward to more quality RANCHU from you in the coming years. Warm regards,

    Elmer, Bakersfield, CA. 2/26/16

    Elmer Pineda

  • Good morning tommy !!!! OMG these fish are extremely adorable, the two bigs are beyond what I expected, the smaller one is small but fine. That female all I have to say is wow she is awesome and I already love her to pieces and worth every penny I spend on her and the others. The shipping seemed to not even harm them at all they are all swimming around like they have been here for sometime I just hope they stay healthy and alive :) I will do my best ! I plan on in the next few months purchasing many ingot from you, wondering when you plan to visit China again I have 6 30 gallons and a in house 110 gallon pond Not to mention a 55 gallon and a 20 gallon, I want to fill with these with ingots :) As you probably remember I love that full wen like on the female and bigger male. I'll talk to you soon thanks again for the addition to my growing goldfish family. Best regards

    Sharon, 3/15/16

    Wyoming, MI

    Sharon Sawyer

  • Hey Tommy! I just wanted to let you know that I am SO happy with all three fish! I will definitely be getting more from you! Please keep me in mind if you get an extra special telescope butterfly!! That calico I got is AMAZING! They're adapting very well and I am thankful for your help.



    Plainfield, IN 8/8/16

    Brianna Casagrande

  • Hi, Tommy, they are so beautiful, very very very happy, thanks again.

    DUKE, Wichita, KS,


    Duke Le

  • Tommy, wanted to let you know one of the fish I bought from you years ago, won Grand Champion on the Virginia Goldfish Show. Gary Hater was the judge and show was put on by The Goldfish Council.

    T. Emerson 10/8/16

    Cumberland, MD

    Terri A Emerson

  • Just writing to say that you consistently get the best goldfish I have ever seen. Have owned. bred and shown them at many points in my life for 50 years. Wish I could afford to buy one or two a week from you. I do enjoy checking them out every week though. My favorites are moors. Especially the black China dolls. Have a great holiday.

    Matt Copija, 12/15/16

    Matt Copija

  • ...I just have to say, that I have been trying to buy one of your fish for over a month now. They are all so beautiful and every one that I have wanted, had been snatched up before I could even get to the auction. Last night I set my alarm and was on your site an hour before the auction started. I finally got one but it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to choose from them all. Thank you for cherry picking!...

    Sai Delatorre, Snellville, GA 2/16/17

    Saraishja Delatorre

  • Hey Tommy,

    I just wanted to let you know that my new baby is perfect in every way. She has been acclimated and is doing SOOOOO good! I am extremely happy and unbelievably grateful! THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I look forward to buying from you again real soon.

    Sai, Snellville, GA.  3/19/17



    Sai Delatoore

  • Hi Tommy,  Received the beautiful fish @ 12:12pm this afternoon.  The fish are swimming in the bag like crazy.  Excellent shape!  Beautiful!  Thank youso much for everything, Tommy.  Take care.    Dennis (Hawaii) 6/5/18.


    Dennis Lee
  • ...I would like to say thank you once again. I deeply appreciate your kindness and consideration. You are truly a gentleman and a pleasure to do business with.

    Thank you so much!
    Katherine (Redford /MI) 5/25/18
    Katherine Hopkins

  • Just wanted to let you know that the fish arrived. They're beautiful and doing well. As always, I am very happy with the fish and the flawless service! Thank you once again for another great experience!

    Best regards, 

    Sharon Cross  PA. 7/30/19



  • Hi Tommy,

    Here is a video of the fish you sent me and the two red ranchus you send me a while back. Believe it or not, all of the fish in this tank came from you.


    I wanted to let you know that the gorgeous fish you sent me is doing great, the Kirin lionhead. Excuse the cloudy water I had just done a water change. She is (it’s a she I saw her lay eggs!) out of quarantine and in the main tank now. She’s so friendly and gorgeous. The two ranchus in the video are the ones you sent me a while back are also in this video and doing great!! I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful fish you have sent me over the years.  I love the ranchus and the new addition and I wanted you to see them in my 75 gallon!

    Percy (Columbus NC 8/19/19)